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5 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at your Wedding

So you’re planning a wedding.  Yes, it's probably daunting. You're probably stressed (don't be!).  You’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions, not limited to the following:

  • What have I gotten myself into?

  • The flowers are going to cost me how much?

  • Which of my distant family members will be least offended if they don’t get an invitation… and will they even notice?

  • Is it too late to elope?

Even though you likely have a million-and-one other questions, it’s also the most exciting thing you’ll ever plan (except perhaps the birth of your children)!


You’re also probably wondering, of all of the details you’re being asked to make decisions for... 

"Why do I need a photo booth at my wedding?”

Don't sweat it, you've come to the right place. We have the answers you've been looking for and we'll share them with you.  Are you ready?  Here you go: 

1. We take the photos that your photographer doesn’t

You will have a lot of pictures taken of yourself (as the bride or groom), however most of these are going to be on the formal side.  Don’t get us wrong, we are not here to compete with your photographer – in fact, we are in the wedding photography business ourselves.  What we do mean, however, is that the pictures you get in a photo booth will be very different, and let's face it, you can't get enough pictures when you look sooo good!  ;)


2. You get photos of your guests!

Your photographer can’t get pictures of everyone; they have much bigger fish to fry to ensure that you are delivered a wonderfully composed story of your special day. 

We’re here to make sure you get photos of your guests having a great time too!

3. You get photos with your guests!

Probably more important than having pictures of your guests, you have the opportunity to capture memories with your guests!  These photos will be timeless keepsakes from your wedding day that you can look back on, and your guests can reminisce about!

4. Speaking of keepsakes…
Photo booths offer the unique opportunity for your guests to take home a personalized memory from your day – and you can guarantee they won’t forget them under their seats at the end of the night.  Let’s be real, how many times have you left a wedding/ gala/ holiday party/ etc. etc. and remembered the abandoned guest favour when you’re half-way home? *shamefully raises hand*

You can also share your night with the people who couldn’t make it instantly with our social media sharing option!  Text, e-mail, post to Facebook, post to Instagram!  Use that hash-tag you spent months trying to come up with!  Yes, you can do it all from our booth!


We also offer creative photo books, printed and delivered after your event, of all of the photos from your night.  This makes a classic keepsake that you can keep on your coffee table, instead of stored on a hard-drive somewhere, where your photos are never to be seen again. Ask us about that!

5. It gives your guests a form of entertainment
In between breaking-it-down on the dance floor (sweet moves, bro) and pit stops at the bar, your guests can have a blast in the booth.  We have a TON of props, the photo possibilities are literally endless.  You might even get to see a different side to people you never thought existed.  Let hilarity ensue.

Having years of experience in the wedding sphere (from banquets, catering, photography, décor, planning, you name it, we’ve been there), we know the level of quality expected from our clients, and we deliver!  You may not think of having a photo booth as an investment when considering your wedding-day budget, but this is really how you should consider it when hiring us (or any vendor for that matter).  

Got any more questions?  Send them our way! 

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